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D.TRADING is a customer oriented business focusing on the reliability of supply and high-quality services


Market analysis and forecast

    • Modelling of electrical energy production and consumption on energy market of Ukraine (hourly, daily, monthly and yearly). Instrument: PLEXOS
    • Neural networks for forecasting influence of weather and other random factors (such as, temperature, water level, etc.) over the structure of energy production and consumption of the whole energy market

Market expertise

    • Defend interests of customers on electricity market against state authorities and networks owners
    • Well-run systems of business processes and document-flow lead to cost decrease and minimize risks of mistakes

Since January 1st, 2019 the Law of Ukriane «On Electricity Market» foresees «unbundling» processes for operating regional power distribution companies meaning transferring function of distribution (network management) and electricity supply (sale). Regulatory changes with the focus on customer will dramatically change market environment in power industry.

For more details about New electricity market please click the link.