D.TRADING is a client-oriented business focused on reliable delivery and provision of quality services

Natural gas
Gas condensate

D.Trading  primarily trades in power, gas, coal, gas condensate.
The range of services not only includes typical energy supply contracts and extensive energy management solutions, but also complex risk and portfolio management concepts.
We build a customer oriented business focusing on the reliability of supply and high-quality services.

Our strengths

    • D.TRADING is a center of expertise on fuel and energy country’s balance managing and forecasting.
    • Modelling of electrical energy production and consumption on energy market of Ukraine (hourly, daily, monthly and yearly) is made with the cutting-edge software PLEXOS.
    • Neural networks for forecasting influence of weather and other random factors (such as, temperature, water level, etc.) over the structure of energy production and consumption of the whole energy market allow minimizing risks for our customers.
    • Operation of our company on international markets of coal, gas, and electrical energy, as well as diversification of sources in the country, provides opportunity to manage risks efficiently and ensure reliability of energy products supply to our customers.
    • D.TRADING operates in all regions of Ukraine providing single point of contact for a customer. This is especially convenient for business which has branchy network working in different regions of the country.
    • Well-run systems of business processes and document-flow lead to cost decrease and minimize risks of mistakes.